Values & Responsibilities

Amponsah-Efah Pharmaceuticals

The company holds values of which are included:

  1. Equal employment opportunities – non discriminatory for reasons of gender, tribe or other social class distinctions and discriminations
  2. Non employment of minors – the company does not employ child labour and takes a firm stance against it.
  3. Health and Safety of Staff – the company places a premium on health and safety of its staff. There is a half-yearly medical screening of staff at company’s expense. There is insistence on the use of safety gear by staff.
  4. Continual improvement –the company pursues continual improvement of processes for better productivity and profitability.
  5. Concern for environment – the company is pursuing its environmental management plan which is approved by the Environmental Protection Authority of Ghana.


Socially Responsible Outlook and Community Service Donations:

  1. The company has supported the Ghana Armed Forces Battalion (GHANBATT) serving in la Cote D’Ivoire (UNOCI) with medicines.
  2. Over the years, the company has also supported some schools within the community it resides in with cement for school building projects and other educational support.
  3. The company occasionally supports the Society for the Aged based in Kumasi financially.
  4. The company supports the Ejisu Juaben Municipal Assembly’s Annual Teachers’ Day and Farmers’ Day celebrations geared at rewarding and inspiring teachers and farmers within the municipality.
  5. Each year, A-Efah Pharmaceuticals Limited we support varied societies and organizations with medicines for medical outreaches to their targeted communities.
  6. A-Efah Pharmaceuticals Limited has supported the Ejisu District Branch of Ghana Blind Union both financially and with white canes.